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22nd Century Technologies wins yet another contract teaming up with OST Global, Department of Homeland Security.
Oct 2009
22nd Century Technologies will be providing SharePoint Engineering/Administration services to the Department of Homeland Security, Science and Technology Doctrine Division. 22nd Century Technologies will be using technologies like MOSS 2007, InfoPath, and SQL Server 2005 to provide the optimal solution.
22nd Century Technologies won an IT Staffing contract from the City of Memphis
Oct 2009
22nd Century Technologies will provide all IT professional services required by the City of Memphis, TN under this contract. This is a two year contract. 22nd Century Technologies will support in providing staff, in the technical areas of web development, GIS Services, Help Desk Support, LAN Integration, Network Security, Project Management Services, Wireless Networking and Oracle support.
22nd Century Technologies signs IT Consulting & Support contract with Commercial Clients
Oct 2009
22nd Century Technologies Commercial Sales Enhancement Program yields clients across various domains like Media, Healthcare, Financial, Education, Hospitals, Universities and Telecom. 22nd Century Technologies plans to implement services to commercial clients providing turn-key solutions right from Enterprise Software Development, infrastructure support and IT consulting services.
State of Washington : 22nd Century Technologies Successfully completed another project with Department of Licensing, State of Washington
Oct 2009

22nd Century Technologies won this fix bid project with very aggressive timelines. 22nd Century Technologies put together a team which worked day, nights and weekends to complete it within time and within budget. The project involved creating an "Online endorsement wizard" to increase the number of business licenses available for their existing Internet Master Business Application (IMBA) online application. These enhancements assisted current businesses in selecting and filing for additional licenses online. It also provided specialized businesses an avenue to initiate their application process online and receive the supplemental information in the mail for completion.

22nd Century Technologies got appreciation letter issued by Department of Licensing. Great Job 22nd Century Technologies DOL team Jagan, Raghu, Karan, Mintu, Nalini and Sonia

State of Washington : Washington State Another win. 22nd Century Technologies wins another web development project to modify the Prevailing Wage Intents and Affidavits (PWIA) system with the Department of Labor and Industries, State of Washington
Oct 2009
With urgent need to replace Prevailing Wage Intents and Affidavits (PWIA) system which was an outdated legacy application, Department of Labor & Industries joined hands with 22nd Century Technologies to rejuvenate and develop a new web-based application. 22nd Century Technologies will be converting the existing web application with all existing business rules functioning to Microsoft Visual Framework 2.0. 22nd Century Technologies will also be automating the bi-annual wage update process. Other technologies used include, SQL Server 2005/2008, Javascript, HTML and CSS.
22nd Century Technologies wins a Sharepoint based web-development project from Phoenix Aviation Department City of Phoenix
Oct 2009
Based on services provided to Phoenix Aviation Department, 22nd Century Technologies won another web-development assignment. 22nd Century Technologies has been engaged by the Phoenix Aviation Department to create a web part to access the company's user directory information. 22nd Century Technologies technology competencies were utilized at max based on implementing and integrating of MicroSoft Sharepoint for this web-development project.
We win Magic Software and Maintenance Project with Majestic Insurance
Oct 2009
We will be setting up and maintaining Magic Development Environment including interface with other environments. We will also be working on setting up and maintaining the Magic Production Environment, which will include maintenance on Magic engines.
22nd Century Technologies wins an Application Architecture Project
Oct 2009
22nd Century Technologies will be working on the J2EE platform Application Architecture to build and deploy the existing RBA application used for payment processing applications. Technologies being used are Jboss, Linux OS, Apache web server and JBoss builds and deployments.
Ohio Department of Public Safety (ODPS) offers and high-level network analysis project to 22nd Century Technologies to analysis Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS) network
Oct 2009
22nd Century Technologies will be providing an assessment of the current department's network and provide best-practice designs for the future network based on requirements defined by the ODPS. 22nd Century Technologies will be working on the Law Enforcement Automated Data System (LEADS) Network Separation Project. Working environments are CISCO, EMC SMARTS, Edge Service Routers (ESR) and Content Services switches.
Diversify Win in Education and Learning Systems
Oct 2009
22nd Century Technologies has been engaged by the Department of Education, State of Kentucky for a Chinese Course Development project. 22nd Century Technologies will work with the Virtual Course Developer to design collaborative activities, create instructional elements, develop course outlines, write unit and lesson overviews using backward design approach, design assessments, and integrate the use of LinguaFolio in the course.
22nd Century Technologies ventures into Network Engineering with the City of Phoenix, Aviation Department
Oct 2009
22nd Century Technologies will be engaged in the designing, installation, and maintenance of all network devices operated by the City of Phoenix within the airport. It will include supporting management of 500+ devices, assisting all ongoing IT infrastructure projects, configuring and troubleshoot MPLS network throughout the airport, maintaining routing, inter-network routing, firewall security of networks and maintaining VPN and remote access.
22nd Century Technologies has been awarded a 4-year Temporary Personnel Services Contract by Superior Court of California, County of Orange
Oct. 2009
22nd Century Technologies will be providing technical experts assisting Superior Court of California, County of Orange with PL/SQL Developer, Project Manager, Quality Assurance Analyst, Technical Writer, Network Administrator, Helpdesk Technician, Telecommunications Systems Coordinator, Telecommunication Systems Specialist, Unix Systems Administrator for a contract term of four (4) years.
Won Federal Contract from Naval Medical Center, San Diego
Sep 2009
Under this contract, 22nd Century Technologies will provide all ongoing operational technical support required by Navy Medical Center San Diego, Information Management Department (NMCSD/IMD). The support involves technical areas of web development, database administration and project Management support. 22nd Century Technologies will provide reliable, consistent, disciplined, highest-quality, state-of- the-art, technical support for web-related NMCSD operations, permitting NMCSD IM subject-matter experts to become more productive using web technologies. The emphasis of this technology will permit NMCSD more efficient and secure delivery of health-information services to its customers. Technologies involved includes Sharepoint, . Net, Coldfusion, XML and Oracle PL/SQL
National Institutes of Health - US Department of Health
Sep 2009
22nd Century Technologies bags an Online Web Catalog Management system project from National Institute of Health. 22nd Century Technologies is developing online web-based catalog management system for NIH. This will enable customers to go to NIH website and order products from NIH warehouse. Once solution is implemented, it will also help NIH to manage web based product catalog. 22nd Century Technologies won the staffing vendor ship of EDS/HP which will provide more opportunities to us. EDS/HP provide on average 1600 requirements per year.
22nd Century Technologies won two contracts with Department of Labor, Office of Inspector General
Sep 2009

a) 22nd Century Technologies is developing portal for OIG which will be based on MOSS 2007. This portal will be used by 400 employees in 4 different locations to collaborate and handle their internal communication and sharing of the information. Portal will have in-built workflow management. Solution will also be integrated with Microsoft Outlook so that employees can receive and send email from portal. Employees can also search for documents attach with emails.

b) Under this contract 22nd Century Technologies is planning, developing, and implementing a solution to integrate Microsoft's System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) 2007 and System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007 products into the OIG network infrastructure. System will provide a mechanism for monitoring availability and operability of client servers and notebooks in support of critical data systems and applications. involved includes Sharepoint, . Net, Coldfusion, XML and Oracle PL/SQL.