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IT Transformation Service

IT Transformation

Reinnovating your business

IT Transformation

IT Transformation

22nd Century has a proven track record of IT transformation services that helps organizations swiftly find value most organizations can expect reductions of 20 to 40 percent of their overall IT costs.

  • Enterprise IT Policy and Planning, Governance
  • IT service & solution delivery excellence
  • Alignment IT with business goals & the establishment of clear benchmarks across the application life cycle
  • Enterprise Design, Integration & Consolidation
  • Enterprise IT Policy and Planning
  • Process, Performance, and Strategic Benchmarking Business Process Definition & Re-Engineering
  • Integrated Solutions Management, Test and Evaluation (T&E)
  • Roadmap development, Project Portfolio Assessments, Market Research, Prototyping & Product Integration, IT Cost Optimization
  • Information and Knowledge Management
  • Faster Cloud Adoption in Azure, AWS, GCP or IBM
  • Expertise implementing AI/ML and RPA toolsets
  • Enterprise Data Analytics, Data Lake on Big Data
  • Cloud Native Development to leverage cloud services
  • Development Pipeline with CI/CD Security Scans and Testing built-in
Legacy Modernization

Legacy Modernization

  • Legacy Business Rules Extraction, Refactoring, Optimization and Conversion
  • Business Process Re-engineering with an end-user focus
  • Mission Critical Legacy transformation driven by an Automated Tool with expert SME Support
  • An iterative approach for automatic refactoring, continuously improving generated code along with gated testing to ensure no loss in functionality
  • Partnerships with all industry-leading tool/technology providers
  • World Class PMO & Best Practices as value addition to enable Modernization Services
  • Flexibility of Legacy modernization at a pace most tailored to the client
  • Ensure no interruption to the business operations while the legacy code is in the modernization process
  • Enable faster legacy modernization by utilizing the latest tools for RAD Development, Low Code Platforms, Open Source Technologies, AI/ML, Cloud Native Development, DevSecOps, and Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Adoption of new technology by all end users by implementing mature processes for user training
  • Identify process champions to help end users to overcome operational challenges typical of modernization efforts
  • Successfully refactored and/or modernized various complex projects from Cobol to .Net, Java and Python languages


Tried and tested approach

We help organizations increase IT agility and flexibility, producing faster time-to-market for new products and services, and improved clarity around IT roles and expectations.

Powerful methodologies and diagnostic tools

We help deliver results faster during a large-scale IT transformation.

Holistic IT transformation, today and tomorrow

We help uniquely select modernization automation tools and approaches offer fully automated to assisted and hybrid legacy extraction and conversion execution models, optimized to sync with the client’s operational environment.

An experienced team

Our thoughtfully curated set of tools and processes can also enable customers to continue operations without interruptions during legacy modernization projects. No code freeze, and therefore no downtime.

Preparing staff

Preparing staff to adopt and adapt to new technology is necessary to ensure they are both willing and use it upon rollout. Our effort starts with the automation we deploy, which helps retain the familiar interfaces of the existing system making it easy to adapt to the change, while our proven transition processes make it happen.