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Software Magazine rating
Software magazine, a bimonthly digital journal has ranked us among the top growing IT companies in US
National Institute of Health - NIH
22nd Century Technologies is developing web-based catalog management system for NIH. This will enable customers to go to NIH website and order products from NIH warehouse. Once solution is implemented, it will also help NIH to manage product catalog.
Department of Labor - Office of Inspector General

22nd Century Technologies is developing portal for OIG which will be based on MOSS 2007. This portal will be used by 400 employees in 4 different locations to collaborate and handle their internal communication and sharing of the information. Portal will have in-built workflow management. Solution will also be integrated with Microsoft Outlook so that employees can receive and send email from portal. Employees can also search for documents attach with emails.

22nd Century Technologies Held First Technology Summit
Nov 2010
A number of 22nd Century Technologies consultants with diverse backgrounds and working at customer sites were invited to 22nd Century Technologies office in Virginia to share information about their projects and technologies. The same was done to raise awareness about new and innovative solutions we can deliver to our customers. John Payne shared his knowledge and experience working on a cloud computing project, 22nd Century Technologies is supporting for the IRS along with Booz Allen. Company Principal Ramanjit Singh and Senior Business Associate Jagannath Pakkirisankar shared the features and capabilities of various SharePoint projects 22nd Century Technologies has underway. They also shared technical information about our SharePoint solutions and the SharePoint Practice 22nd Century Technologies has built, including our Executive Dash Board and SharePoint Documentum integration solutions . Information about the City of Phoenix's Sky Harbor "Field Port" project, an innovative GIS (Geographic Information System) application was also presented. This innovative solution allows Sky Harbor staff to submit a work order from the field while conducting inspections, giving them the capability to submit these requests in real time and, at the same time capture precise geographic location information using portable touch screen tablets. The application is entirely integrated with SAP ERP. 22nd Century Technologies will continue to hold monthly technology summits to share on going projects, our consultant's innovations and contributions to help our customers' meet their goals.
The Federal Trade Commission OGC Awards 22nd Century Technologies a Contract to Develop and Implement a SharePoint Portal
Sep 2010
The Federal Trade Commission's Office of the General Counsel's (FTC OGC) is asked with representing the Commission in court and providing legal counsel to the Commission, its operating bureaus, and other FTC offices. FTC has awarded the Aurotech and 22nd Century Technologies team a contract to provide OGC with SharePoint services to design and implement an OGC Portal Pilot, which will include implementing SharePoint including features such as Enterprise Search Integration, Project Workspace and Custom Workflows.
22nd Century Technologies to Provide SharePoint Assessment and Support Services to NIH-NCCAM
Sep 2010
The National Center of Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) is one of an institute within the National Institutes of Health responsible for the continued improvement of the efficiency and effectiveness of its computer services. SharePoint site formalize and automate NCCAM work practices. 22nd Century Technologies will assess and analyze the current SharePoint implementation, provide continued SharePoint support, and develop new SharePoint features such as Geographical Mapping, Advanced Dashboards and Enterprise Search Integration.
Bureau of Indian Affairs DOI Awards a Project Management Services Contract to 22nd Century Technologies
August 2010
The Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) awarded a Project Management services contract to 22nd Century Technologies to establish and manage its Indian Preference Program, which will expand opportunities for Indian Organizations and Indian-owned economic enterprises to receive preference for training and employment. 22nd Century Technologies will manage standardization of the IT infrastructure at the administrative offices of the Bureau of Indian Education (BIE) and at 183 schools.
22nd Century Technologies Wins the Development Database Administrator Support Services Project with Veterans Health Administration's (VHA), Dept. of Veterans Affairs (VA) Health administration Center (HAC)
Jun 2010
22nd Century Technologies will be managing several databases including EDI and Healthcare Claims Processing Oracle databases which include server management, Redhat Linux operating systems, Oracle database and application server products, business and technical requirements documentation and Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) compliant IT systems design that lead to successful IT development and systems implementation.
22nd Century Technologies won the SharePoint Development Project with West Virginia Office of Technology.
Jun 2010
The Office of Security and Controls, Project Management Office (PMO) of the WV Office of Technology (WVOT) has awarded a SharePoint Project to provide Microsoft SharePoint Administration and Development Services which involves Creating, managing and deploying Workflows built on Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation using Microsoft Office SharePoint designer and Microsoft Visual Studio.
22nd Century Technologies wins SharePoint development Project at The Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), Yuma Area Office (YAO)
Jun 2010
The Bureau of Reclamation (BOR), Yuma Area Office (YAO) awarded SharePoint development Project to 22nd Century Technologies and 22nd Century Technologies consultants will be responsible for design, development, and implementation of document management using SharePoint 2007 and converting business processes into SharePoint 2007 workflows for both intranet and external internet portals.
22nd Century Technologies wins 5 years Sharepoint IDIQ with The United States Senate
May 2010
22nd Century Technologies teamed up with General Dynamics (GD) which is one of top ten Federal contractors for this opportunity. 22nd Century Technologies wrote the Sharepoint Integration proposal for US Senate IDIQ and GD is committed to give 35% of the total business from this IDIQ. 22nd Century Technologies will be providing its Sharepoint technical expertise to US Senate for various task orders. 22nd Century Technologies & GD team will be involved in design development and deployment of information management systems employing Microsoft SharePoint 2007 for United States Senate Senator and Committee offices.
22nd Century Technologies won Information Technology Staff Augmentation Statewide Contract with the State of West Virginia.
Mar. 2010
22nd Century Technologies has been selected as one of the awarded vendors of State of West Virginia providing IT Staff augmentation services in the areas of Web Programming PC Programming, Mainframe Programming, Computer Systems Analysis, Computer Sys/Network Security, Database Management, Desktop Support, Electronic Document Management, GIS Services, Help Desk Support, IT Support Staff-Operations, LAN/WAN Support, Graphics and Presentation Middleware integration, Project Management Services, Telecommunications Services, Business Analyst, ERP Implementation Services. This contract would be with 22nd Century Technologies for an extended 4-year term.
Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance (OTDA), NY awarded Personal Services Contract to 22nd Century Technologies.
Mar. 2010
22nd Century Technologies will provide Information Technology Services under this contract. 22nd Century Technologies won more then 50 IT staffing categories and will providing services for the next 3 years.
22nd Century Technologies has been awarded an Information Technology Consulting & Support Services Contract with Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.
Mar. 2010
22nd Century Technologies will be providing technical experts assisting Information Technology Services to the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) with PL/SQL Developer, Project Manager, Quality Assurance Analyst, Technical Writer, Network Administrator, Helpdesk Technician, Systems Administrator and more then 20 IT Positions for a contract term of five (5) years.
22nd Century Technologies is now a Pre-Qualified vendor as Consulting Firms for Management Information Projects with PACE, IL
Feb. 2010
Pace, the Suburban Bus Division of the Regional Transportation Authority, an organization under the laws of the State of Illinois selected 22nd Century Technologies as an awarded Pre-Qualified vendor. 22nd Century Technologies won all IT categories under this Contract.