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Click here to submit your resume 22nd Century Technologies, Inc. is hiring Systems Administrators, Help Desk Specialists, Network Administrators, and Systems Analyst for a DoD contract in Fort Huachuca, Arizona

Leading Managed Services Providers (MSPs)

  • Serving the public sector since 1997
    14 regional offices and 6,000+ FTEs
  • Safeguarding our nation with
    cybersecurity practices
  • Transforming businesses with
    cutting edge IT Solutions
  • Connecting & Serving
    Citizens, Communities and Government
  • Enabling Mission Achievement
    using Agile & DevSecOps
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Our Services

IT Transformation

22nd Century’s growing success results from its constant endeavor to remain in sync with the dynamics of the markets, business processes, and people and the technology transformations enabling them.

IT Infrastructure

Our customers trust us to plan, design, and help implement organizational strategies to manage mission-critical IT infrastructure and extract the best value from their IT investments. Our IT Infrastructure ...

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity, including dedicated Security Operations Centers (SOCs) and Managed Security Services (MSS), is another key area at 22nd Century and extremely critical to our customers. We are currently supporting ...

Cloud Solutions

22nd Century’s cloud strategy and transformation consulting services are the first step in reducing cost, complexity, and risk. Cloud strategy and transformation services enable organizations to maximize utilization ...

Agile & DevSecOps

22nd Century has extensive experience delivering Agile projects. Our Agile methodology is a hybrid model combining best practices from Scrum, Lean, and Extreme Programming.

Low Code Platform

Our team offers the technical expertise necessary to ensure setup and delivery of Salesforce, ServiceNow, SharePoint, and CloudTech© 22nd Century to make the most of your investment ...

Products & Solutions

22nd Century has extensive experience supporting critical missions across DoD, Federal, State and Local government bydeveloping unique products and solutions with the necessary domain ...

Workforce Solutions

As an IT services firm of 27 years standing, our recruitment processes are robust, mature, operated by a highly trained team and enabled by a proven set of tools. We have offered ...


Feb. 2023

22nd Century (JV, Amaze Technologies) has been awarded a contract to provide the full range of Operations Planning Support Services for electrical, mechanical, and structural...

Feb. 2023

22nd Century has been selected under multi-award BPA to provide a full range of IT services, technical and management expertise, information technology solutions/capabilities,...

Feb. 2023

22nd Century (JV, AccelGov) has been awarded a contract to provide Cybersecurity Support Services (CSS) at Marine Corps Logistics Command (MARCORLOGCOM). ...

Jan. 2023

22nd Century has been awarded a 5-year IDIQ to provide Information Technology Solutions to the United States Postal Service. We will be providing ‘Data Centers and Mainframe...

Dec. 2022

22nd Century has been awarded a contract for Information Technology Program Services (ITPS) in support of BUPERS/NPC Force Management (FM) and The MyNavyHR...

Nov. 2022

22nd Century (JV, AccelGov) has been awarded a contract to fulfilling the United States Marine Corps, Marine Corps Systems Command's continuing requirement for software ...

Latest News

22nd Century Technologies won contract with National Science Foundation to provide Information Technology, CPIC, Acquisitions, Program Management, and Strategy/Policy Support.

Our team will provide endpoint modernization services for Joint Service Provider (JSP) supported end users which include Office of the Secretary of Defense (OSD), the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs o

22nd Century was awarded a modernization, software development and support contract by Defense Logistics Agency (DLA).

22nd Century won US Air Force contract to deliver operational and IT lifecycle management support to Air Force Academy (USAFA) and United States Air Force Academy Preparatory School

22nd Century was awarded a contract to provide Information Technology Support Services (ITSS) for U.S. Army Recruiting Command (USAREC) at Fort Knox in Kentucky.

Government Services Administration (GSA) has awarded Cyber SINs. 22nd Century is now one of a select group of companies that hold all four specialized cyber security designations.